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The Role of Parents at CMCS

In a time when the role of parents in education is under scrutiny, Charlotte Mason Community School (CMCS) in Detroit, MI, emphasizes the crucial partnership between school and home. According to Charlotte Mason's philosophy, parents are the child's primary educators, creating an atmosphere rich in values, habits, and character.

At CMCS, education is a partnership. We work alongside parents to nurture each child through living ideas and meaningful relationships, fostering a love for goodness, truth, and beauty. Our curriculum, grounded in timeless principles and Biblical truth, involves parents actively, ensuring a consistent and enriching educational experience.

Parents are invited to engage with our curriculum, composed of carefully selected literary texts, art, music, and nature studies. This approach respects the individuality of each child, guiding their character development in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

For more information about our philosophy and curriculum, we encourage you to schedule a school tour. You’ll have the opportunity to observe our classrooms, see student work, and discuss your questions with our administrators.

We are here to support and answer any additional questions you may have.


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