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Your Support Makes a Difference!


A Charlotte Mason Community School (CMCS) education equips each student with the skills and character needed to positively impact the world they will inherit. Whether our children join CMCS as kindergarteners or later in their academic journey, they are immersed in a transformative learning experience. Our students learn to think critically and expansively, communicate effectively with diverse audiences, collaborate to solve real-world problems, and create works of self-expression that inspire and serve others.

CMCS relies on the support of alumni, parents, and friends who contribute to our mission each year. Tuition only covers a small portion of our expenses. Donors help bridge the gap, ensuring CMCS can continue providing top-quality education and enriching experiences for all students. Every contribution makes a significant difference.

Raising tuition to fully cover operations could make CMCS unaffordable for some and change our community's makeup. We strive to set reasonable tuition and allocate funds for financial assistance. In a world that increasingly commodifies people, especially children in urban areas, CMCS provides an education that counteracts social inequality. We aim to break down barriers of means and circumstance, making enriching education available to all.

We invite donors to support our tuition assistance fund, ensuring every child has the opportunity for an education built on relationships. Your continued generosity is vital in shaping today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders—one student at a time.

With gratitude,

Fikre Prince 

Fikre Prince

Vice President, CMCS Board of Director

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The How and Why of Giving

Thank you for considering a gift to Charlotte Mason Community School (CMCS) and joining us in our mission to ensure the sustained excellence of a CMCS education. All donations to CMCS are tax-deductible. There are several ways to make a gift, with debit/credit cards and Venmo being two of the quickest and most popular methods:

Cash, Check, Cashapp

You may make a gift using cash, check or money order. Checks should be made payable to Charlotte Mason Association of Detroit. Cash and checks can be sent to: Charlotte Mason Community School Attn: James Worden 17400 Second Avenue Detroit, MI 48203 Cashapp $CharlotteMasonCS

Reasons To Give

Relying solely on tuition to cover CMCS operations would make our school unaffordable for many, compromising the diversity and strength of our community. We work hard to set reasonable tuition rates and allocate substantial funds for financial assistance. In a world that commodifies people, especially urban children, CMCS offers an education that challenges social inequality. Our mission is to break down barriers of means and circumstance, ensuring that a transformative and enriching education is accessible to all. Your support is crucial in sustaining this inclusive vision.

Make an Immediate Impact

Gifts to the CMCS Fund provide us with the flexibility to address immediate needs as they arise: hiring exceptional staff, funding teacher workshops, improving and updating our campus, and supporting a diverse and deserving student body.

Enhance School Programs

Key programs that support teaching and learning rely on gifts to the CMCS Fund. These contributions help maintain our libraries, stay current with the latest technology, and introduce innovative academic programs.

Attract & Nurture the Best Faculty

Investing in our teachers enhances the quality of education our students receive every day. Gifts to the CMCS Fund provide funding for teachers' salaries and professional development opportunities, ensuring we attract and retain the best educators.

Provide Opportunity

Support for the CMCS Fund reinforces our commitment to making a CMCS education accessible to bright students regardless of financial resources or ZIP code. Many CMCS families benefit from need-based tuition assistance each year.

Support the Full Cost of a CMCS Education

CMCS cannot cover all operating expenses from its endowment alone. Tuition does not cover the full cost of providing a top-tier education to each student. The CMCS Fund helps alleviate the school's financial burden and ensures all students benefit.

Honor a Teacher, Student, or Alumnus

There are several naming opportunities that allow you to honor a teacher, student, or alumnus who has made a difference in your life or is currently making a difference in the life of your child.

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