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In Loving Memory of JeriAnn Batten: A Tribute to a Beloved Teacher and Friend

It is with heavy hearts that we inform our community of the passing of our dear friend and esteemed teacher, JeriAnn Batten. JeriAnn, who graced CMCS with her presence from 2006 to 2018, passed away after a long illness.

JeriAnn's dedication to our school was unparalleled. She returned to Wayne State University to earn her degree in Science Education, enabling her to share her passion for science with our students. Her love for long-range environmental studies led her to take classes to both the East and West coasts of Michigan to compare the sand dunes. She also organized overnight science trips to the Ralph McMullan Center in northern Michigan. Her commitment to fostering scientific curiosity was evident in the annual Science Fair she conducted for the upper grades, culminating in celebratory trips to Roman Village restaurant.

A true renaissance woman, JeriAnn also had a deep love for literature. She delighted in teaching The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane alongside The Velveteen Rabbit. Her classes enjoyed reading Tuck Everlasting and then watching the movie adaptation. She passionately taught Picture Study, especially the works of John James Audubon.

JeriAnn, alongside Mrs. Racklyeft, pioneered the school's first trips to Mackinaw and Washington DC. These trips are fondly remembered, not only for their educational value but also for the unforgettable experiences they provided—the chilly bunkhouses in Mackinaw and the rental car adventures in DC.

The entire staff and student body have cherished memories of watching President Obama's inauguration together, among countless other moments filled with camaraderie, school outings, tuna fish sandwiches, and potato chips.

JeriAnn also enriched our students' cultural experiences, taking many classes to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the opera house for field trips.

What stands out most about Mrs. Batten is her boundless kindness. She truly embodied Lincoln’s words, “with malice toward none, with charity for all.” Her love for Jesus was evident in her daily life, serving as a beacon of His love.

We will forever treasure the time we had with JeriAnn Batten and the indelible mark she left on our hearts.

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