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Scholarship Campaign Update

January 2015

We are at the halfway mark in this 10 month campaign and have received $43,788 in gifts and pledges. This is 28% of our goal of $158,000. 

Every gift, both large and small, is helping us give Detroit children an education that respects them as persons, instills in them a love of learning, and prepares them to succeed in high school, college and life. Thank you!

If you have not yet donated, 
please consider CMCS for part of your 2015 giving.  

The goal: 

Please join with us as we provide high-quality education to the children of Detroit. Your support will help CMCS continue to offer this rich and challenging education, one that fosters in children a love of learning to last a lifetime.

CMCS is committed to providing an affordable education to every child who seeks it. Approximately 85% of our students need some financial assistance. In past years, several received aid from local scholarship funds, but one of these funds no longer has money to give and the other one is not taking new students. This means a loss of about $30,000 in aid for CMCS students. We are looking for persons who share our belief that every child, regardless of financial circumstances, deserves a rich and broad education. Your scholarship gift could change a child's future for the better.

We have a goal of 20 full scholarships, every penny of which will be used to provide scholarship support for families in need at CMCS. This money helps ensure that ANY child can have a great education, despite limited outside scholarship opportunities and family resources.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Can you commit to raising either a full or partial scholarship by reaching out to new supporters who you believe may have a heart to give to this beautiful mission? We will provide you with inspiration, materials to encourage you through the campaign.

If you aren't able to give or commit to raising a scholarship, can you help us spread the word? This is a time-sensitive campaign and using social media and telling your friends is a great way to help us! 

Get creative! How can you help encourage people to get involved and catch the vision?

Please join us in expanding the ministry of CMCS - where children love to learn!

Three ways to donate:

- click the PayPal button below

- mail your donation to our new location listed below

- send us a pledge for a monthly donation from August 1st - May 1st. 

Thank you, on behalf of CMCS,

Charlotte Mason Association of Detroit Board of Directors


We Moved! Same great education offered at a different location.

1419 West Warren Avenue
Detroit, MI 48208
(313) 338-3481

The Charlotte Mason Association of Detroit and 
Charlotte Mason Community School provide 
equal opportunity to all applicants without regard to 
 race, gender, religious affiliation, or national origin.


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