Sustainers Celebratory Brunch

Many thanks to all our wonderful Sustainers, stakeholders and new friends who joined us for brunch this past Saturday.

We had a lovely time thinking about the vision and mission of the school, connecting with one another as the CMCS Community, and enjoying some student work, too.


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Sustainers Experience A CMCS Art Study

The Sustainers Circle kicked off their year by experiencing first hand what it's like to study art as a CMCS student.  Gathering at the Detroit Institute of Art, the group of regular donors was led by art teacher Mrs. Katie Glandon through an overview of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist eras.  Focused attention was given to Georges Seurat's View of Le Crotoy from Upstream, one of only ten of his paintings that still exist in their original painted frames.  

Charlotte Mason believed that attention to detail, what she called "seeing and storing," was extremely important to both understand and enjoy life.  This is beautifully illustrated in the art study. Students do not simply sit and copy the masters.  Instead, one studies a piece for a significant period of time; not drawing, simply engaging with the piece itself.  Only once their backs are turned should studiers begin to draw what they can remember.

Sustainers were invited to participate in this process.  Each chose a piece from the gallery to study, and armed with clipboard, sketch paper and pencil were asked to draw what they could remember from the painting.  Many were surprised at the difficulty of the challenge and excited to share their results with each other.  Having given their observation muscles a work out, they were inspired to explore other galleries in smaller groups.  

The Sustainers Circle looks forward to other events that will give dedicated donors an inside look at what practices ignite a love for learning at CMCS.

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CMCS 5K Walk-Run Raises Over $40,000


After days of rain, our 5K was blessed with sunshine.  We were warmed by time with friends, a few stretches and great coffee from Eleos. Students, teachers, staff, families and friends enjoyed their trek along the shores and through the woods of Belle Isle as they ran for education in Detroit.  

We are grateful for the generous support of our donors and sponsors, and look forward to finishing another year here at Charlotte Mason where children love to learn.  

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