It is our vision that all Charlotte Mason Community School students grow in a love of learning and that their education extends beyond the classroom, for their good and the good of their communities.


To provide a Christian liberal arts education that fosters the development of great minds and wide interests, while nurturing each child’s relationship to God and the world He created.


  • To foster the development of great minds, we encourage children to:

  1. Think independently:

  • Discern ideas

  • Ask questions

  • Draw conclusions

  1. Value “living books” - well-written books on any subject that inspire ideas and interest in the reader.

  • To foster the development of wide interests, we:

  1. Provide a broad curriculum which, in addition to standard academic studies, includes:

  • Nature study

  • Outdoor activities

  • Physical fitness

  • Art

  • Music

  • Handwork

  • Spanish

  1. Provide a rich learning environment

  2. Encourage interest in the world and its people

  3. Encourage development of individual gifts and abilities

  4. Encourage a lifelong quest for knowledge

  • To nurture the development of each child’s relationship to God and to instill strong moral character, a strong will and an educated conscience, we:

  1. Acknowledge God as creator, sustainer, redeemer, and source of knowledge

  2. Expose them to:

  • The Word of God

  • Biblical teaching

  • Great Christian writers

  • Our own attempts to live in relationship with God

  • To nurture each child’s relationship to the world, we will:

  1. Value the many ethnic and racial heritages given us by God

  2. Value parents as ultimately entrusted with the education of their children

  3. Value parents as important to the life of the school

  4. Encourage concern and compassion for others

  5. Encourage habits of attention, thoroughness and neatness