Charlotte Mason Educational Model

Educates the whole child - nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical life of children

A science of relationships - with God, Man (including self), and the World

The children, not the teachers, are the responsible persons; they do the work by self-effort

Examination is by written or oral narration (essay) - children tell what they know

Does not teach to the test

Written evaluations - no grades, prizes, etc. Children do the work for the sake of obtaining knowledge, not for grades or to please a teacher

Uses “living books” - books written by one author who knows and loves a subject well. Textbooks are used for math and science, but they are heavily supplemented with “living books” and “hand-on experiences.”

Maximum of 12 students per class

Parents are encouraged to participate in the life of the school

Outdoors recess 2x day, weather permitting

Outdoor education is an integral element of the curriculum

Habits of both body and mind are formed definitely and thoughtfully

Minimal homework is given, and children are expected to use the 6 ½ hrs of school time well

The arts, which are proven to increase academic performance, are a non-negotiable part of the curriculum